Cabaret & Carnival

by In Hope

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"Cabaret & Carnival" is the third release by the German based Band In Hope. It contains four high class productions, including the heart breaking songs "Where Is Your God Now?", "Oh, Love (is so amusing)", the nostalgic song about Wiesbaden, Hesse "Old Drinking Game" and the beautiful tale "Princess".

Download the whole record for free. You are able to buy the printed version for free as well, you just have to pay the shipping costs. Contact for furhter details.


released August 24, 2012

Songs 1&2 recorded at Kristen & Schmidt, Wiesbaden, mastered bei Maximilian Wendling.
Songs 3&4 recorded and mastered at Fleischpeitsche Studios.

All songs written by In Hope.



all rights reserved


In Hope Wiesbaden, Germany

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Track Name: Where Is Your God Now?
Now, that you're no longer around it is time to pour the liqour down, because I can think best with my cigarettes and the whiskey in my chest, only then I can relax. I wish that I'd believe we would meet once again. Oh, I wish we would do, but I don't think we will. But I am glad that we've met. And I'll never forget that. Tell me, where is your god now? He left you just praying around. Do you think this will help? Is this the truth that you felt? Do you think this is true? Why is everyone wrong, but you? And all these rockets and stones, they don't have to be thrown. You can't swallow your pride and all these people will die.
Track Name: Oh, Love (is so amusing)
oh, love is such a gross word, it could be named after you, but i am solving crosswords, so i can understand what to do. but you? you change your language, so I don't know who I am speaking to. Now my head forgets, but my heart's insane. oh, love is so amusing, if you have got a lot of it, but sometimes you seem to lose it, so tell me: where is the grip? you see, we both have lost our temper, our flame has burnt out too fast.
Track Name: Old Drinking Game
once again we take a bath in the fields, where all your friends will call you so weird. will they make you feel ashamed, when you're playing that old drinking game? will i get lost in the city where we loved/danced/slept? tom, i haven't seen you laugh, since the day we took the photograph of you. will we ever see you smile? i know, it always hurts a while. love, you're not an easy thing to Forgive nor to Forget. will we ever feel the same, as the day when we have met? will i get lost?
Track Name: Princess
Princess with your gold heart, Let your brown hair down, i know you are high, it will not reach the ground. i have been searching so long and now i have found, the desire i felt, I just have to climb up this tower. your bit of compassion is lacking right now. how could i get up without a ladder so high? it would be much easier if you'd come to me, we could meet halfways and nevertheless be happy. i know we both could've fun, but you are always on the run. you can't hold the things you have. us, small people, whom you left. it feels like i have made a huge mistake, i should've thought about the actions I make. you know, i loved the feeling, you loved the routine, so finally we could give us a meaning. Now living is hard with you in mind, in tales they tell "until the end of time", but i know, that in the end they both oh i know, that in the end we will die.